Meet the Ladies Behind Parent in the Moment!

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

This February, two friends were discussing their nanny jobs over a glass of wine and realized that they both used the same mindfulness-based techniques to teach their charges about kindness, sharing, self-control, and joy. Out of that chat session grew Parent in the Moment, our mindfulness-based parent education company.

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We are passionate about helping parents reduce their stress, so that they can increase the amount of quality time they have as a family, as a couple, and as individuals. We've developed workshops to teach parents actionable ways to parent more effectively, with more love and intention. We have workshops for expecting first time parents; parents of infants, toddlers, and young elementary school children; and parents of gifted children. If you're experiencing a specific parenting difficulty, you can contact us for a quick consultation or we can make you a personalized workshop to tackle your questions.

We want to introduce ourselves to you, but you can learn even more about us and our philosophy by visiting our website!

Co-founder Dana Asby just finished studying developmental psychology from a neuroscience perspective at Teacher’s College, Columbia University after studying educational psychology and gifted and creative education at the University of Georgia. She’s been an educator for almost two decades. Dana has been meditating for years and currently researches how mindfulness can reduce stress and heal trauma. She is passionate about educating new parents, because she believes that education empowers everyone to become a better version of themselves; if we are all our best selves, we can create true change in the world.

Co-founder Melanie Laguna received her BFA and MS in art education from Pratt Institute in 2010. Her eight years experience as a teacher and nanny have given her a unique foundation in the art of parenting mindfully. In 2016, she gave birth to her first child. She has been fortunate enough to help raise many babies to toddlers to preschoolers and witness a plethora of parenting styles and methods. These experiences have been priceless in shaping her own ideas of parenting. It has allowed her to parent her son with intention from a very early age. The first year can be mostly a blur, but she wants to teach you how to stop, breathe, and enjoy all those amazing firsts with a present mind.

We answered a few questions parents sometimes ask us so that you can get to know us and Parent in the Moment a little better!

What are you passionate about?

Melanie: Art. When I have the time, I really love wandering through museums and galleries. I also enjoy reading, writing, drawing (though lately more coloring), and knitting.

Dana: I’m driven by a passion to help others learn how to heal their past traumas and insecurities by making a commitment to mindfulness.

Can you talk about what mindfulness means to you?

Dana: Mindfulness is being in the present moment interacting with your environment with no judgements. It’s a mindset shift founded in reacting intentionally and empathetically.

Melanie: Mindfulness is finding a calm, quiet space which lends itself to a more meditative life. Because time for myself is limited, I have learned how to squeeze in moments of meditation and focused breath during my walk home, in the shower, folding laundry, pushing Ollie on the swing, etc.

Melanie, what has been the most rewarding thing about parenthood?

Melanie: The experience itself. As a nanny, I’ve helped raise many babies to toddlers to preschoolers and beyond. It’s beautiful to witness and reflect on their journey from when they enter my life to when we part ways. I am adopted and my son is the only blood relative I’ve ever known. The hope that I will be able to guide, support, and simply enjoy my son’s journey from babyhood to adulthood is indescribably priceless to me.

Dana, you’re not a parent. What do you know about parenting?

Dana: While I have not yet had the magical experience of becoming a mother myself, I have been working with children for 17 years in the classroom, summer camps, and as a nanny. My work with parents from every walk of life has taught me the value of different parenting methods. Through careful observation and research in my masters degrees, I’ve learned what parenting styles support social and emotional health in children and which can be ineffective.

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