our philosophy


Mindfulness is much more than just meditation. It's a mindset shift where one operates in the present and experiences each moment without judgement. Mindfulness is about finding balance.


Neuroscience research shows that mindfulness reduces stress, depression & anxiety. Mindful parents are better able to respond to the challenges their children present with calm, successful solutions.


A complex dance between nature and nurture shapes the way a child’s brain develops beginning in utero. Parents’ genes and environmental factors shape developmental trajectories that affect outcomes in later life.


Parents need to foster healthy development in all domains of young children’s lives: physical health, social, emotional, motor, and cognitive. Children’s successful growth depends on holistically supporting their needs in developmentally appropriate ways.


Children see their caregivers as role models for how to interact with the world. They learn how to regulate their emotions by observing how trusted adults soothe their fears through warm, responsive actions.


The way in which parents relate to their children informs how they approach relationships as they mature. Stable and loving parenting shapes young children into confident, secure young adults.